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"Daryl Conant was an outstanding mentor to me not only in getting my career in strength and conditioning started,but in getting my body and mind in the right place when I had exhausted pretty much all my other options for doing so. His experience, passion, education, and insatiable desire to help others makes him an outstanding resource to me to this day."

Eric Cressey
President, Cressey Performance - Hudson, MA

"Daryl Conant's has a firm grasp of the biomechanics and kinesiology of the golf swing. His golf conditioning program is exceptional in getting golfers in better physical condition. I trust in his ability wholeheartedly and would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their physical aspect of their golf game."

Scott Stallings, PGA TOUR Professional, 2011 Greenbrier Classic Champion, T-27 2012 Masters

"Daryl's knowledge in strength and conditioning is vast. His ability to adapt to the athletes strength and weakness and to make them faster, and stronger is Daryl's asset. I would highly recommend Daryl's 3D Sports Conditioning to any athlete at any age and level."

John Lovett
Defensive Coach-- Texas Tech
Former defensive coach for the; Miami Hurricanes, Ole Miss, Auburn University, Clemson Tigers and the NFL.

"Daryl was a great asset in the development and conditioning of Olympic hopefuls during the 1994 and 1996 Olympic seasons."

Vinny Comisky
USOC Colorado Springs, CO

"Daryl has been a friend of mine for over 25 years. His knowledge and understanding of Vince Gironda's exercise are exceptional. He has devoted his life in preserving the memory and techniques of Vince's programs.I would recommend Daryl to anyone seeking to learn more about the Iron Guru's methods."

Ron Kosloff
NSP Products Detroit, MI


    The ELITE SERIES is a 12 month program. Each month you will receive a new program. Each program is unique in building muscle. The techniques that I have developed are revolutionary.

    per month
  • InVINCEable - PDF Version

    PDF Download Version - There is no other book that depicts Vince’s Unique exercises like InVinceable.

  • Hard Cover Book: civiLIESation

    Hard Cover Book: civiLIESation: The Undeniable Truth is an in-depth look at what we are, who we are, and the ultimate purpose of our existence. The cosmos is a grand miracle, and though we don’t know its origin or purpose, one thing does remain true and that is that the entire cosmos is made up of energy, the energy of creation. The Earth is a living biosphere that is a product of the atomic expansion of the universe. The Earth’s containment system allows for the sustainability of life. During the early stages of civilization life was reckless, barbaric, and uncontained. It would take thousands of years for the primitive energy to evolve into a sophisticated, civilized energy. One of the key factors for a shift in human behavior was through the conception of ego energy. The ego would be responsible for the governing power of civilization known as The Mass of Collective Energy. CiviLIESation explores illusionary perceptions, projections, and reflections of the ego. CiviLIESation is a presentation of conscious awareness.